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Robert Roos

Co-founder, CEO & Development

Born and raised in the northern parts of Sweden. Nowadays, despite being a Swede, to escape all the snow I live in the southern parts.

I have a huge passion for development and building intelligent services aimed at making life easier. I have been developing applications and web services since the age of 12.

Also, I once tried quitting coffee. But my mental health has since recovered!

BSc in Computer Sciences and Informatics

You can reach me at

Robert ceo of xenolith

Allex Hagberg

Co-founder, Digital Marketing & Development

Born and raised outside Västra Götaland in a small village with 800 residents, which is no doubt the best place in Sweden.

Now I live in a slightly larger town with 50k residents, as a geek and a Swede this troubles me, so my dream is to become rich and buy a carrot farm in Iceland.

I love all things tech I'm especially excited to see how AI and cryptocurrencies will change our world.

BSc in Informatics

You can reach me at

developer, co-founder iodesk


Dr. Marcus Nohlberg

Co-founder & Business Development

Born and raised in Skövde and still here. Love this place.

An entrepreneur since birth: started my first real company when I was 15. Worked as a concept developer and project manager with fast paced start-up companies as well as international companies during the dot-com era, and then started my journey towards research and now I’m a leading researcher in Social Engineering and I also have Sweden's first Master of Business Administration degree in electronic business.

I have a passion for creativity, productivity and security.

In my spare time you will find me powerlifting at the gym, everyday is Squatter Day!

Ph.D. in Computer and Systems Sciences. MBA and a BSc in Information Systems Development.

You can reach me at

Marcus co-founder


Sophie Lenasdotter Nohlberg

Head of Sales & Marketing

Born in Skåne, Sweden, raised in Karachi, Pakistan and moved to Canada right after high-school. Fell in love with Skövde as a student 2002 and stayed here when I fell in love with my husband over 9 years ago.

I love to travel and see the world! Last year I went to Antarctica and could tick of the final continent from my bucket list. Now I want to conquer Space!

A good book and a nice glass of wine and I’m a happy camper.

Oh, and I love a good deal!

BSc in Cognitive Neuroscience

You can reach me at

Sophie head of sales