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Meet the team behind IOdesk!

Robert Roos

Co-founder, CEO & Development

Born and raised in the northern region of Sweden. Nowadays, I’ve escaped all the snow to live in the southern part of the country.

I have a huge passion for development and building intelligent services aimed at making life easier. I have been developing applications and web services since the age of 12.

Also, I once tried quitting coffee. But my mental health has since recovered!

BSc in Computer Sciences and Informatics

You can reach me at

Robert ceo of xenolith

Allex Hagberg

Co-founder, Digital Marketing & Development

Born and raised outside Västra Götaland in a small village with 800 residents, which is no doubt the best place in Sweden.

Now I live in a slightly larger town with 50k residents. This is where the team met and where we founded Xenolith.

I love all things tech, and I'm especially excited to see how AI and cryptocurrencies will change our world.

BSc in Informatics

You can reach me at

developer, co-founder iodesk


Dr. Marcus Nohlberg

Co-founder & Business Development

Born and raised in Skövde and still here. Love this place.

An entrepreneur since birth: started my first real company when I was 15. Worked as a concept developer and project manager with fast paced start-up companies as well as international companies during the dot-com era, before I started my journey towards research. Now I’m a leading researcher in Social Engineering and I also have Sweden's first Master of Business Administration degree in electronic business.

I have a passion for creativity, productivity and security.

In my spare time you will find me powerlifting at the gym, every day is Squatter Day!

Ph.D. in Computer and Systems Sciences. MBA and a BSc in Information Systems Development.

You can reach me at

Marcus co-founder