Create a contact form

Adding modules (or widgets) to your website is what connects your customers to IOdesk. For an explanation on how to install this module after creating it, see module installation.

Creating a contact form

In IOdesk, navigate to Modules -> Create and manage. Click on the Create new module button

Image showing the view listing current modules and settings

This will bring up a selection of available modules, click on Get started for the contact form

Image showing the available modules to pick

This will start a guide that will take you through the creation of the contact form step-by-step. So that you can configure it to look and behave just the way you want.

Image showing the guide for creating a contact form

Team and language

In the first step you will pick the team that should recieve messages from this contact form. For example, say you want to have a contact form on a subpage of your website dedicated to invoicing/returns and such. Pick the team here that should handle those type of questions.

You will also get to choose the language the form should be presented in, pick what suit your needs here.

AI settings

In the second step you get to pick wheter you want the contact form to be proactive or not. This means that if you choose to activate LydiaAI, our AI will analyze the message and directly send out a response to the customer with suggestions of answers in your knowledge databases that might solve the problem.


In the third step you get to write a short description for the contact form (for internal use only, never shown to the customers). For example, the contact form you are creating is to be placed on a section of your website for invoices/returns. A description such as "Contact form for invoices/returns" makes it easy in the future to keep track of which module is active where.


Confirm that the settings you have chosen are correct, if they are click the Create contact form button, otherwise click Back to go back and change the settings.

Upon confirmation you will be given the code and instructions for how to add your newly created contact form to your website/webpage.