Create and connect e-mails (shared e-mail inbox)

With IOdesk you can recieve all e-mails from customers to a shared inbox that all of your agents can read, answer and collaborate on. Follow the steps below to get started.

Creating a company wide e-mail

In IOdesk, navigate to Modules -> Create and manage. Click on the Create new module button

Image showing the view listing current modules and settings

This will bring up a selection of available modules, click on Get started for "Incoming tickets through e-mail".

Image showing the available modules to pick

This will start a guide that will take you through the creation of the shared inbox step-by-step.

Image showing the settings for shared inbox

Selecting a team

Select the team that should recieve e-mails from the e-mail address that will be generated, in the example you can see we have chosen the "Support" team.


Upon selecting a team, an e-mail address will be generated. All e-mails sent to this address will now be fetched by IOdesk and added under the mail tickets section.

Using an alias for the generated e-mail address

You probably don't want to use the provided address publically (you can of course if you want to!), a simple way to use a address with your own domain name is to setup a alias and just forward all mails sent to the alias to the IOdesk-mail above.

E.g. you create a mail address "" and then in your e-mail provider settings select "forward all mails" or "use as alias" and choose to send them to the provided IOdesk-mail above.