Customer Labels

Customer labels can be used to categorize your customers by whatever you need such as company, type, country, etc. Customers can be labeled in the customer view.

To access the settings for customers labels enter IOdesk and navigate to Application settings -> Customer Labels

Image showing existing labels and a input field to create new ones.

Creating a customer label

  1. Press the input field "Customer label" and write what you want it to be called
  2. Press the colored square and select a color for your label then click choose
  3. Click the add button
  4. Done!

Edit a customer label

  1. Under current "Customer labels" press the pen and paper icon next to the label you want to edit
  2. Notice how the label is loaded into the input fields where create a customer label previously was
  3. Change what you want
  4. Click the update button
  5. Done!

Delete a customer label

  1. Press the trashcan icon next to the label you want to remove
  2. Confirm deletion of label
  3. Done!