Installation of modules

Adding modules (or widgets) to your website is what connects your customers to IOdesk. For an explanation on how to create chat, support, form and mail modules check e.g. Create contact form

Image showing the view listing current modules and settings

After creating a module you will be presented with a code, or as shown in the image above if you go back to the overview of your created modules. You can click the Get code button to retrieve the code you will add to your website/webpages. To find this view navigate to Modules -> Create and manage

Image showing the code for a specific module

When clicking on Get code you are presented with a window containing the code, from here you can click Copy code to clipboard and you're ready to add it to your website

Adding the module to a website/webpage

With the code retrieved, just add it to your website/webpages where you wish it to be shown. Add the code just before the </body> tag.

Save and refresh your webpage and the module will pop up, you are now done with the installation.

Adding the module to a Wordpress site

With the code retrieved, log on to your Wordpress admin view and head on over to Apperance -> Editor. In the right pane, locate Footer for theme or footer.php, click on it to open.

In the middle pane (the editor), scroll all the way down and just before </body> add the code you retrieved from IOdesk.

Click the Update file/update/save button and go back to your Wordpress site. The module will pop up, you are now done with the installation.

Additional notes for contact forms

The steps above applies for all modules provided by IOdesk. However when adding a contact form to your website/webpage one additional step is required where you get the code shown above. And a shorter code. This shorter code defines where on your webpage you wish the contact form to be shown.