Find out how IOdesk can help handle all your customer support needs!

IOdesk has everything you need to make interacting with your customers easier than ever, thanks to tools we call “modules”. Add our modules to your website to suit your company’s needs and allow, all your contact channels to filter through to IOdesk.

Customers contacting you through chat, e-mail or contact forms will all show up in our easy-to-use IOdesk back office. No more clutter, no more different apps, and no more emails clogging up your personal inbox!

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Automation with the help of our self-service tools

Let’s face it, even though engaging with customers can be awesome, repetitive questions can eat up a serious chunk of your time. This is where our artificial intelligence, Lydia, steps in!

She answers recurring questions without the need for an employee to manually intervene

For example, let’s say you commonly need to answer the question "How do I return this item?". You probably have a standardised way for doing it, so why waste time giving the same response over and over again? Instead, Lydia will answer the customer by giving your standard reply instantly.

Isn’t that an amazing win-win? You get to save time and focus on other things, while the customer gets their answer when they need it? That’s the recipe for customer satisfaction!


24/7 support

Running a business is fun, but it can also be stressful in the digital era. Many customers today are located in different time zones, at work during business hours, or perhaps just night owls.

This means that to keep up a good response time rate you have to either be awake 24/7 to answer questions, or hire people to be available at all times.

With IOdesk that problem is now solved! Intelligent self-service is available at all times ready to answer any question your customers may have. If an answer is not found, Lydia will politely inform the customer about this and a ticket will be created in IOdesk for you to answer once you have the time.


Ticket management software

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Some questions just cannot be answered by self-service, or need that human touch.

For this IOdesk has a fully featured ticket management system! Questions the self-service can’t answer, or if you have modules added to your site with AI-support turned off, instead shows up in the ticket handling system where you can answer them yourself.

The system offers all the functionality you need for organizing, getting back to a customer at a later date or perhaps when handling a issue that takes multiple contacts, tracking of the issue and the ability to go back and check what has been done earlier to try and solve the issue.

Look at it like a super-powerful email inbox, that can be shared with all of your employees (if you so wish), where you yourself or through collaboration can help a customer out!


Live AI-powered Chat

A great way to always be there for your customers is a live chat. IOdesk offers a powerful live chat module that with only one line of code can be added to your website. Through this you and your employees can in real-time chat with visitors and customers.

All new chats shows up in the IOdesk ticket handling system and you can through integrations with e.g. Microsoft Teams or Push Notifications get instant notifications when a customer has started a chat.

Working with chats in IOdesk is a breeze due to the simple to work in, but powerful UI. Your have access to instant linking to knowledge database articles, canned replies and much much more, to increase your productivity and be able to help out your customers as fast as possible.

Oh and we should add, whenever you’re not able to handle a chat at the moment, Lydia will be there to help out the customer instead!